What is this ComaFest you speak of?
Well boys and girls, ComaFest originated in the spring of 1998. ComaFest is a an annual movie watching festival held annual in the Spring. The rules of ComaFest are simple:
  • ComaFest lasts for 3 days
  • No sleeping
  • The only food to be consumed is ice cream
  • Games of laser-tag are permissible.
  • ComaFest pajamas are to be made and worn throughout.
No sleeping?? Really?
Yes really.

Well that's the goal anyway. Do we ever achieve that goal? No we do not. We don't even make it 24 hours.
These movies are too scary for kids.
Yes, some of the movies are too intense for children. As ComaFest has grown, we have added additional rooms for children to watch more family friendly movies.
Anything else?
New traditions have been introduced throughout the years. Some of which include pizza, making butter-beer Harry Potter style, and getting Mexican food takeout Saturday morning at 2am. As you start doing your own ComaFests, We'd love to hear what you introduce.